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Welcome. We hope you like new look of our shop and you will find what you are looking for. There is a lot of stuff for you and your fingerboard. 


SUB bench
Sub bench is a luxury, street ramp from quality wood, designed for manual and grind tricks of all ...
Price14,00 EUR
Stairs "Six Stars" with rail
Stairs "Six Stars" are made of quality wood, with a special coating. This barrier is unique in its ...
Availability: Into 3 weeks
Price47,00 EUR
Big Kicker
NEW! Big Kicker is a miniature of classic Bang Master. The biggest adventage are the dimmensions. ...
Price6,00 EUR
Big Picnic Table "BIG RED"
Big Picnic Table "Big Red" is a revolutionary design for the fingerboard obstacles from Big ...
Price34,00 EUR
Pocket Rail II. Generation
Take it and put it in your pocket! There it comes, new Generation of "Pocket Rail". The biggest ...
Price13,00 EUR
BC Rail "Double Cruel"
New BC Rail "Double Cruel" is the first round BC Rail, which suits both beginners and professional ...
Price10,50 EUR
Discount30 %
BC x TNP: Tripple BUMP
BCxTNP Tripple BUMP is new luxorious street ramp with Green garden Gap between two marble boxes. It ...
Availability: Into 3 weeks
Price32,00 EUR
Fun Box Rail
Funbox rail is the part of "Fun Box with rail" ramp
Cena s DPH od15,00 EUR
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