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Welcome. We hope you like new look of our shop and you will find what you are looking for. There is a lot of stuff for you and your fingerboard. 


Zoom photo - BC Rail "Double Cruel"
New BC Rail "Double Cruel" is the first round BC Rail, which suits both beginners and professional ...
Price10,50 EUR
Discount30 %
Zoom photo - BIG FINGA  - PRO Petr Ptáček
Together at a different places, in Prague, in Kamenné Žehrovice and also in Nové Město na ...
Price32,00 EUR
Zoom photo - Big Picnic Table "BIG RED"
Big Picnic Table "Big Red" is a revolutionary design for the fingerboard obstacles from Big ...
Price34,00 EUR
Zoom photo - SUB bench
Sub bench is a luxury, street ramp from quality wood, designed for manual and grind tricks of all ...
Price14,00 EUR
Zoom photo - School Bench red I.
School Bench is a revolutionary design for the fingerboard obstacles from Big Construction. ...
Price12,00 EUR
Zoom photo - Stairs "Six Stars" with rail
Stairs "Six Stars" are made of quality wood, with a special coating. This barrier is unique in its ...
Price47,00 EUR
Zoom photo - Big Kicker
NEW! Big Kicker is a miniature of classic Bang Master. The biggest adventage are the ...
Price6,00 EUR
Zoom photo - b-low Fingerboard Wheels Double- E - Turquoise
Double-E is a special collection of fingerboard wheels of the b-low mark. The wheels come from one ...
Price15,99 EUR
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