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WOODGUEST Keychain deck
This is a must have for every real fingerboard fan. These keychains are made from real 29 mm wide ...
Cena s DPH od4,00 EUR
OAK wheels
Oak Wheels are the most realistic fingerboard wheels in the World. They are made of polyurethane, ...
Cena s DPH od27,99 EUR
Big Kicker
NEW! Big Kicker is a miniature of classic Bang Master. The biggest adventage are the dimmensions. ...
Price6,00 EUR
SUB bench
Sub bench is a luxury, street ramp from quality wood, designed for manual and grind tricks of all ...
Price14,00 EUR
Finga Slim - Burned Letters
Laser - burned Finga logo to the bottom ply of the deck!
Cena s DPH od25,00 EUR
Finga SLIM Design 2014 - WIDE
Finga fingerboards SLIM Design edition finaly in 31 mm!!!
Cena s DPH od20,99 EUR
Discount30 %
WOODGUEST Fingerboard - Model 2013
Professional fingerboards for special price, it is Woodguest fingerboard Model 2013.Main features ...
Cena s DPH od11,20 EUR
Discount30 %
BIG FINGA  - PRO Petr Ptáček
Together at a different places, in Prague, in Kamenné Žehrovice and also in Nové Město na ...
Availability: Into 3 weeks
Price32,00 EUR
BC x TNP: Tripple BUMP
BCxTNP Tripple BUMP is new luxorious street ramp with Green garden Gap between two marble boxes. It ...
Availability: Into 3 weeks
Price32,00 EUR
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