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How to Buy

Before you start shopping, choose the right state currency on the right side at the top

1. From our catalog on the left you can select the product you are interested. Selected product insert to use the cart button "Add into Cart". You will be asked if you want to continue shopping or complete your order.

If you choose to continue shopping, you can browse in shop and add some products to your shopping cart. After you will finish shopping, you will have to go to complete your order.

2. Complete order section shows you your shopping cart. You can add or remove count of your products and recalculate the price after that. Now you have to choose your location, which from is assigned a shipping method. After you have chosen your location, press "complete your order" and continue to the next page.

3. On the next page is a list of shipping method. It depends what kind of products you have decided to buy. Choose to right shipping method according to products in your shopping cart.

4. Now you choose the payment method, Paypal or in some cases Wire transfer. By clicking on "Continue" button you will continue to the Address form.

5. Please, fill this form and continue to the last page page by pressing a "Continue" button. Now you will see your complete order in "Order Confirmation" section, with your shipping and payment method. Check it out and send your order by clicking on "I agree with a terms and binding order".

6. Now you will receive the confromation of your order. We will contact you about the payment method (money request by Paypal) to your personal email address.

7. After requesting the money to our account (in case of Paypal or wire transfer) your order is shipped within 7 working days. Unless otherwise agreed.

Payment methods is olny Non-cash - PayPal

If you use this payment method selected goods will be shipped immediately upon receipt of payment. As a variable symbol is your order number.

At your request we will send by Paypal a Money request. Then you pay using Paypal. Ordered and paid for goods will be dispatched as soon as we receive the money and physically at our bank acount. Delivery time of package depends on the country of country ordering, see the table below

Price includes shipping handling

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