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Rules and policies

General conditions claim

Buyer's Obligations

Buyers must check the delivered goods without undue delay, inform the seller of the defects identified. In case of acceptance of goods involving carriage of the shipper or the worker is obligated to pay the buyer to check the completeness of the contents of the package compared with the delivery note and mark or incompleteness of any damage or irregularities to contact us immediately. Later the contents of the complaint or the status of shipments can not be accepted. Buyers can contact us by one of the following options:

a) The e-mail address of the seller.

b) By mail to the address of the seller.

The buyer is obliged to state:

a) Purchase order number.

b) Proof of ownership (invoice, tax receipt)

c) A detailed description of the defect.

d) In case of irregularities found in accepting the shipment from the carrier may also send us a copy of the letter claims.

Seller's Obligations

The seller decides on the claim within 10 working days and notify the buyer by

e-mail or telephone. Complaints including defects will be resolved without undue delay, within 30 days of the claim, unless the seller and the buyer agrees otherwise.

Warranty claim within the warranty period

General Provisions

The Complaints Procedure has been prepared according to the Civil Code and apply to the goods which the complaint was raised during the warranty period.

Each product is attached to the delivery note (or an invoice, tax receipt), which can also serve as a guarantee, unless supplemented with other evidence. Acquisition of Goods and agreement with the warranty conditions confirms the customer signing the delivery note. If goods are not taken personally, this means taking over the moment when the buyer takes the goods from the carrier.

If a customer finds any difference between the delivery note and the goods actually delivered or received the wrong item completed delivery note, we are obligated to contact us at our address or e-mail Otherwise, the buyer runs the risk that he will not recognize any subsequent claim.

Warranty terms

a) the length of the warranty in most cases at least 24 months and is listed on the delivery and warranty. This period begins on the date of issue and extends the period during which the product was in warranty repair. In the case of exchange, extend the warranty period. The customer receives a new warranty card, which will set out new and original serial number. Another possible complaint to be implemented on the basis of the warranty.

b) If a correctable defect in the service vendor, there is a fixed charge. Otherwise, the goods will be replaced at the expense of the seller. Goods must be in complete condition, including manuals and other accessories. Each entry must be accompanied by copies of delivery note and an accurate description of defects and the frequency of occurrence.

c) The right to use expires in the following cases:

·damage to goods in transit (to be addressed with the carrier)- improper installation, service, treatment or operation, use, contrary to the user manual.

·use of goods under conditions that do not correspond to the parameters of the parameters described in the documentation

·goods were damaged elements

·product was subjected to excessive shock, weight and impact, breakage

·product was subjected to excessive wear and intentional damage

·goods have been damaged by excessive load, or use in contravention of the conditions listed in the documentation.

Claims conditions

Complaints handled by the service center, which is mentioned in the documentation for the goods.

This complaint procedure shall in force on 13 November 2009. Changes in the advertising code of conduct reserved.

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